Acquiring My M.B.S.

No, M.B.S. Doesn’t stand for Master of Bullshit....

I have been working on my M.B.S.for more than half my life now, and yes, that’s a mighty long time. Ya’ see an M.B.S. Isn’t a degree, or a simple certificate one receives for attending a class for a certain amount of hours. An M.B.S. Is a never ending, every damn day commitment to the SELF.

M.B.S. Is simply an abbreviation for mind body spirit.... many moons ago, I started writing on my daily calendar the initials “M.B.S.” to remind me to honor each of these important parts of me every day. I was determined to find a way to “fix” me. I realized it wasn’t going to happen over night or even in a few months, I KNEW I would need all the assistance and focus to accomplish this feat.

BODY- I have always been athletic. I felt I had the physical/body part down fairly easy. I loved to run to release endorphins. Nothing beats running. I run much slower now and not nearly as much, but I love it none the less. I perhaps sometimes took my physical exercise a little too far or too long... I remember a Buddhist monk telling me to be kind to my body. He then explained how this is the only body I get in this lifetime, and my body is the temple for the soul. If I mistreat my body, my soul/spirit is not free to come and go. The Buddhist believes the soul/spirit needs to be able to go out of the body and into the universe to bring us what we truly desire. If one abuses the body whether it be with food, drugs, alcohol, or even excessive exercise, the spirit will suffer. I completely understood this, and knew the phrase “Numbing is dumbing your spirit” all too well. So, I began to slowly change the way I cared for my body. I tried to be kinder to it and even add rest days. Now I have more rest days than exercise, but lets not get into that now (please).

The Spirit element was tricky for me. At the time I started to implement this practice I worked full time, had a baby on my hip, and had little time to connect to anything other than my customers. l knew I needed to make changes in my daily life if I was going to create the major changes I wanted in my larger picture. Even if it was only five minutes of connecting to spirit, I knew it was better than nothing. There are many avenues for locating your spirit. Journaling was a great way for me to connect to her, and remind myself of all my gifts, and blessings. Writing is cathartic. Writing gets the clutter of the mind out, and onto the paper. Any form of creativity whether it is writing, painting, singing, dancing... are all great ways to connect to spirit. I approach getting in touch with my spirit much like I would approach working with a child. Patience, kindness and remaining playful. You would never tell a child when she/he is playing they are being ridiculous, so don’t tell your SELF that either! Turn the volume up, dance to your favorite tunes and heck yes, sing out LOUD!

The last part, is ahhhh the MIND. Well, those of you who truly know me, KNOW I am a dreamer. I have a mind that can travel to spaces far away and beyond comprehension. Sometimes my mind even disappears for a bit, but however creative my mind is, I still need a place to be still. To clear my mind and be still is very difficult. I have practiced all types of meditation over the years. I love closing my eyes and focusing on just my breathe. If I am lucky, that lasts all of three minutes until the monkey enters, and well you know the rest. However, I know, quieting my mind and focusing on the breath is key to being the best creative, to being the best mama, the best wifey and friend I can be. So, I take another breath and start again. Breathe in, Breathe out...

So, M.B.S. Is a practice I do every day, Some days I lean more into the mind or maybe my spirit, but I honor each part of these daily. Just thought I would share. After all, sharing is caring. And yes, I still use a written calendar.

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